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Native Plants Restoration Team

Our Mission 


To restore, maintain and enhance FLC preserves by reintroducing native species to provide habitat for both resident and migratory species of birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.




The Native Plant and Wildflower Team grew out of the Los Jilgueros Preserve Planning Committee, which was established in 1990, soon after Los Jilgueros was donated to the FLC by the family of Pamela Van Der Linden.

Shogo Yamaguchi, a retired professor of botany used his wit and immense knowledge to guide the restoration of native flora on LJP. As the leader of the NPW team, he continued to work on this project with youthful enthusiasm into his nineties. The majestic sycamores, stately oaks, colorful redbuds, sage and other plants that grace the landscape and provide habitat serve as a lasting memorial to a remarkable man, and an inspiration to us all.


To Join NPRT Work Parties


The Native Plant Restoration Team meets at Los Jilgueros Preserve every Wednesday morning at 8:30 a.m. Please come join us at the Preserve to learn more about the native habitat. 

Some of our Planting Projects


March 22, 2009: The NPRT Team conducted a planting with The Children of the Daughters of the American Revolution near the utility easement at the Los Jilgueros Preserve.

April 25, 2009: The Rotary Club, along with members of the Team, planted 30 trees to increase the oak woodland/riparian area below the lower pond.

November 2009: Community planting at LJP of 386 plants and trees, including  oaks, sycamores, elderberries, toyons, sages, and California wild roses.

March 2010: Community planting at LJP of more than 2,000 native coastal sage and chaparral species with an estimated 100 volunteers.

2011: Community planting at LJP of more than 2,000 native
coastal sage and  chaparral species.

March 2012: Community planting at LJP of more than 2,000 native coastal sage and chaparral species with an estimated 200 volunteers. The plantings were funded  through a grant from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

The Native Plant Restoration Team continues to plant grasses, trees and shrubs  in the center area of the main parking lot while keeping invasive plants such as mustard  under control.

Since the fall of 2008 the NPRT Team has planted more than 7,000 native plants and trees in Los Jilgueros Preserve. 

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