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The Fallbrook Land Conservancy hosts many events throughout the year, including educational hikes, volunteer work days, and members-only parties.  Join our email list for invites delivered to your inbox,  check back here regularly, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram  

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Fallbrook Land Conservancy’s

2024 Spring Nature Walks


Saturday, March 9 at 9 am @ Gird Valley Preserve

This will be a leisurely walk along the trail at Gird Valley Preserve, but there are some steep and uneven sections of trail.


Earth Day, Saturday, April 20 at 9 am @ Los Jilgueros Preserve

FLC Chair, Susan Liebes, will lead this leisurely walk around Los Jilgueros Preserve, stopping to observe interesting plants and animals along the way. 


Saturday, May 11 at 9 am @ Palomares House and Park

Volunteers who planted and maintain the gardens will introduce visitors to the native and drought-tolerant species used in the landscaping, and explain the rain-catchment system.

All walks are open to the public and free of charge! Bring a camera or binoculars if you have them. Sun protection and water are also recommended. Friendly dogs are welcome but must be on leash and cleaned up after.

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Saging the World Fallbrook.png

Saging the World

Saturday, February 11, 2023 at the Fallbrook Library

Screening of a documentary film produced by Rose Ramirez, Deborah Small, and the California Native Plant Society, followed by Q&A with the filmmakers.

Sage smudging has become a viral trend. What’s the truth behind the smoke?
“Saging” has become common in movies, TV shows, social media, and cleansing rituals
–people burning sage bundles in the hope of purifying space and clearing bad energy.
Instead of healing, the appropriated use of saging in popular culture is having a harmful effect.

Indigenous communities have tended a relationship with white sage for thousands of
generations. White sage (Salvia apiana) only occurs in southern California and northern
Baja California, Mexico. Today, poachers are stealing metric tons of this plant from the
wild to supply international demand. Saging the World spotlights the ecological and
cultural issues intertwined with white sage, centering the voices of Native advocates
who have long protected and cherished this plant.

The short documentary was produced by Rose Ramirez, Deborah Small, and the
California Native Plant Society to foster awareness and inspire action for white sage.
For more information on the film and ways to support white sage, visit

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