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Dinwiddie Preserve

Dinwiddie Preserve is named for Nancy and Howard Dinwiddie, whose bequest made the purchase of this 14.5 acre property possible. Dinwiddie Preserve is just a few hundred yards past the Fallbrook High School on Stage Coach Lane and across the street from Palomares House.

Purchased in 1994, the preserve has meadows, trees and a year-round meandering stream known as Cienega Creek. Open to the public for recreation, a loop trail provides a short, mostly level walk around the property. 

Dinwiddie has had extensive habitat restoration, removing invasive species and replacing them with native trees and shrubs.  Oak, willow, and sycamore surround open fields and are popular with birds.

Scroll down for maps. Download the Dinwiddie Preserve trail map here.

Photos by Roy Cohen
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